Beginners Carry and Pistol Accuracy 101
Beginners Carry and Pistol Accuracy 101 – April 13th, 2024
Beginners Carry and Pistol Accuracy 101 class is specifically geared toward the first time shooter, CWP holder, or just someone looking to exercise their right to carry. This class will go over firearm safety, the different dynamics of carrying; from holster options to ammunition choices to pistol shooting 101. The beginning of the class starts with going over basic information and safety along with carrying styles and holster options, in a comfortable, class room environment. Then, the range time will focus on doing correct repetitions of the proper grip, sight alignment, hold control, and follow through. The repetitions will be done with dry firing and with firing live rounds.
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GTI Legion Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1
Gunfighter Training Pistol Phase 1
The Gunfighter Pistol Training Phase 1 course will provide the shooter with the necessary skills to be proficient in the successful operation of a pistol. Instruction will include marksmanship mechanics, draw, weapon presentation, sight orientation, and trigger skills. The training will include live-fire range drills.
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Gunfighter Pistol Phase 2
Gunfighter Training Pistol Phase 2
The Gunfighter Pistol Training Phase 2 course will build on the prior skill-sets of the Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1 class. In addition, the class will focus on recoil management, trigger skills, visual skills, tactical/speed reloads, malfunctions, and positional shooting.  The training will include live-fire range drills. (Successful completion of Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1 is required)
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Defensive Vehicle Tactics Course
Defensive Vehicle Tactics
The Defensive Vehicle Tactics class has been developed to address some of the issues and tactics associated with firing a weapon from a vehicle for self-defense. The class discusses some of the unique concerns such as shooting from a restricted space and shooting through glass. Also covered are tactics to maximize one's safety if involved in a life or death confrontation by using a vehicle for protection. This will cover shooting techniques over, under, and around vehicles.
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