Our Gunfighter series is broken down into three phases for pistol and carbine.  This is not a beginner, intermediate, and advanced breakdown as typically seen in the civilian firearms training market.  Our program has not been built to advance one’s beginner or advanced skill sets as normally defined, we do not desire to make someone a better trigger puller.  The goal of our comprehensive marksmanship enhancement program is to make you a shooter.  Phase one covers enough basic terminology and skill sets so that someone new to shooting feels comfortable, however it is not solely for beginners as is our intro classes. We start by building an understanding of what true shooting is, always evolving and not a concrete set of do's and don’ts. This will help you find a path to shooting in the present tense without the commonly imposed limitations.







We also offer our H.I.R.T. (Home Invasion Response Tactics) class, general self-defense, women's only self-defense, and Realtor Readiness class. Further information on the classes are found in the shop.









For private classes, business retreats, team building events, hosting events at our site, and remote training please go to the contact page and request more information.