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Gunfighter Training Pistol Phase 2


The Gunfighter Pistol Training Phase 2 course will build on the prior skill-sets of the Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1 class. In addition, the class will focus on recoil management, trigger skills, visual skills, tactical/speed reloads, malfunctions, and positional shooting.

The training will include live-fire range drills and force on force training with man-marking rounds.

(Successful completion of Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1 is required)

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The Gunfighter Pistol Training Phase 2 class duration will be 8 hours 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

All courses are delivered at GTI’s Joint Operations Center 1321 Technology Drive, Barnwell, SC 29812.

All students will be required to provide the following equipment at the time of the class:

  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection – Ear muffs or ear plugs. It is highly recommended to use both!
  • Serviceable Modern Pistol (I.E. Glock, Springfield, S&W, etc.)
  • Quality Retention Holster (The Blackhawk SERPA holster is NOT ALLOWED during our courses)
  • 2 Magazines
  • Magazine Pouch
  • 250 Rounds of quality ammunition that is appropriate for your firearm.
  • All students must have proper footwear (I.E. tennis shoes, boots).
    • Open toed footwear is not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Comfortable pants or shorts may be worn.
    • Skirts or dresses are not allowed.
  • Appropriate weather protection (I.E. hat, sunscreen, jacket)

For the Force on Force training portion of the class students can bring their own: coveralls or heavy jacket, gloves and facemask or they can use the protection that GTI will provide.

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February 16th, 2019, TBD


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