Gunfighter Pistol Phase One
Gunfighter Training Pistol Phase 1
The Gunfighter Pistol Training Phase 1 course will provide the shooter with the necessary skills to be proficient in the successful operation of a pistol. Instruction will include marksmanship mechanics, draw, weapon presentation, sight orientation, and trigger skills. The training will include live-fire range drills.
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Gunfighter Pistol Phase 2
Gunfighter Training Pistol Phase 2
The Gunfighter Pistol Training Phase 2 course will build on the prior skill-sets of the Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1 class. In addition, the class will focus on recoil management, trigger skills, visual skills, tactical/speed reloads, malfunctions, and positional shooting.  The training will include live-fire range drills. (Successful completion of Gunfighter Pistol Phase 1 is required)
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Defensive Vehicle Tactics Course
Defensive Vehicle Tactics
The Defensive Vehicle Tactics class has been developed to address some of the issues and tactics associated with firing a weapon from a vehicle for self-defense. The class discusses some of the unique concerns such as shooting from a restricted space and shooting through glass. Also covered are tactics to maximize one's safety if involved in a life or death confrontation by using a vehicle for protection. This will cover shooting techniques over, under, and around vehicles.
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Pistol Marksmanship Training 101 - How To Hit What You Aim At!
Pistol Marksmanship Training 101 – How To Hit What You Aim At!
Pistol Marksmanship Training-101 accuracy class is specifically geared toward the handgun owner who is familiar with the operation of their firearm and can safely operate it but they want to develop better fundamental marksmanship skills. In other words, they want to be able to hit what they aim at! It is a slow paced, low pressure skill building class that is suitable for men and women, beginner to advanced level shooters. The beginning of the class starts with going over basic information and safety in a comfortable, class room environment. Then, the range time will focus on doing correct repetitions of the proper stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger press and the magical skill of "shot calling". The repetitions will be done with dry firing and with firing live rounds. You will be taught dry firing drills that you can go home and do in the convenience of your home to continue to refine your shooting abilities. You will begin shooting at 3 yards in the morning to learn the basics. We will slowly and gradually work our way out to further distances and at the end of the day, we will all be battling it out at the 100 yard line to see who can ring the steel and see who the class champ is! That person just might win a cool, class champion prize!
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The Responsible Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Holder
The Responsible CWP Holder – I Have My CWP…Now What?
The Responsible CWP Holder course is a unique class, specifically designed for people who already have their concealed weapons permit and now want additional training. Getting the permit is only the first step. Carrying a concealed weapon to defend yourself is a God given right, but it is also a huge personal responsibility. This class addresses how to be a responsible concealed gun carrier. It addresses how to legally and competently use your weapon. There is class room work in the morning and range work in the afternoon. There is question and answer time where you can ask the questions that are important to you but have not had a reliable format to ask them before. Not only will we address the physical skills necessary to competently use deadly force, we will also discuss the psychological aspects of using deadly force, along with its after affects. This class will be instructed by a person who has personal experience with the subject matter.
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The Responsible Handgun Owner
The Responsible Handgun Owner
The Responsible Handgun Owner class is geared toward two groups of people. The first group is people who have never owned a gun and are thinking about purchasing one and want a little bit of knowledge before they go spend their money. The second group of people that this class is geared towards is those who already own guns, but still are not really familiar with the weapons features and how to safely operate them. This training session will provide the shooter with the necessary skills to be a safe and responsible handgun owner, proficient in the successful operation of a pistol. This training will include time spent in the classroom and on the range preparing first time shooters on pistol safety, important range rules, and answering other beginner questions. Instruction will include marksmanship mechanics, draw, weapon presentation, sight orientation, and trigger skills. If you are an experienced husband who wants to bring an inexperienced wife or a parent who wants to bring a young adult to class to get help starting them with safe gun handling, this class is a perfect fit. Even though this class is designed to help beginners get started with good gun habits, it is also appropriate for more seasoned gun owners who want to freshen up their fundamentals.
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Advanced South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) Class
Advanced South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit Class
The Advanced South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit class, on the first day, will cover: Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) skill development, Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) tactics and practical test preparation for the South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP). The second day will be the 8 hour South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit (CWP) class and practical shooting test.
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Armed Self-Defense Tactics
Jason Kelly Armed Self-Defense Tactics
The Armed Self-Defense Tactics course is taught by Jason Kelly, a multi-faceted Defensive Combatives Instructor with 25 years of training and 14 years of experience training and supporting law enforcement agencies, elite military units, and world class athletes including champion UFC fighters, and as a coach at the 2005 and 2006 Pan American Wrestling Championships. Program is designed to teach combative skills in a weapons based environment (introduction of gun or knife). The material in the course teaches students high level, yet basic and easy to learn concepts, principles, theory and techniques. The course starts from ground zero, building the students in a step by step process, then as new or enhanced skills are developed students are put in scenarios to test application of new material in dynamic environments. These environments are based on common scenarios that catch people off guard in violent situations. Fighting and shooting are rarely done at the same time in trainings, yet in reality they are happening at the same time. They say "life and death is in the gaps", this course fills those gaps. Enabling Objectives:
  • Understand and demonstrate qualities of good stance and position in adverse situations.
  • Learn high level close quarter controlling techniques
  • Acquire clear and unobstructed draw stroke of pistol and blade in close quarter scenario
  • Combine combative skills with weapon manipulation and integration.
  • Mindset and methodology
These skills are tested by time and in force on force scenarios. We can duplicate situations and scenarios others have previously encountered, but not the future. Therefore, this course is designed to help students think and not just memorize moves.
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