The Responsible Handgun Owner

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January 1, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Government Training Institute
1321 Technology Drive Barnwell SC 29812
GTI Legion
The Responsible Handgun Owner @ Government Training Institute

The Responsible Handgun Owner class is geared toward two groups of people. The first group is people who have never owned a gun and are thinking about purchasing one and want a little bit of knowledge before they go spend their money**. The second group of people that this class is geared towards is those who already own guns, but still are not really familiar with the weapons features and how to safely operate them.

This training session will provide the shooter with the necessary skills to be a safe and responsible handgun owner, proficient in the successful operation of a pistol. This training will include time spent in the classroom and on the range preparing first time shooters on pistol safety, important range rules, and answering other beginner questions. Instruction will include marksmanship mechanics, draw, weapon presentation, sight orientation, and trigger skills.

If you are an experienced husband who wants to bring an inexperienced wife or a parent who wants to bring a young adult to class to get help starting them with safe gun handling, this class is a perfect fit. Even though this class is designed to help beginners get started with good gun habits, it is also appropriate for more seasoned gun owners who want to freshen up their fundamentals.